ihara-draws said: gurl your art is aaaaahh and you totes need to drop me a link if you still post it somewhere. oAo

(( I’m posting all of my non-pony art here, though I haven’t posted much lately because I’ve been busy with school stuff UnU ))

(( Alright, so for the past couple of months I’ve been on an unannounced hiatus. I’ve had a lot of schoolwork to do, and any art I have done has been non-pony. I’m just going to put this out there - I’m not watching MLP anymore, and honestly I’m not very interested in even drawing ponies anymore. However, I will still try and update this blog when I can, but it might not happen very often. So to answer your question: yes, for now this blog is on hiatus, and I do not know how long it will stay like that. Sorry ; H ; ))


If you know TJ, you know that the man’s withstood a lot.

Between vicious family drama, Tumblr shenanigans, having to move back home, being unable to find a job despite several months of continued job-hunting, and others, it’s painfully obvious that the man needs a break. He needs something to go his way, something (or should I say someone) to help him out in this time of need.

Hence, the foundation for this drive. If you want to read what he said on the above topic, his vent can be found here. (Note: please treat it with the respect vents would normally be given, aka don’t be a douche).

I went around to all the artists I knew and proposed to them that we get together and draw commissions to help him out, and a motley crew responded. Big artists, small artists, even a musician came out and agreed to work together in order to help him out! I’m sure that many of you will recognize many of the drawblogs represented in the above images.

Now, we need your help. By clicking this link or this link, you can access spreadsheets that give the details as to what sorts of things you can commission in order to help TJ. The first is sorted by Artist, and the second is sorted by Money. That way, if you’re only interested in getting something from a particular artist, you can look at the first spreadsheet, but if you have a set budget and want to see what you can get from who, you can use the second spreadsheet. To navigate them, you can either use the provided links or the sheet navigator on the bottom.

(Even if you want to just donate, please commission something. He’s the sort of person who feels guilty when someone who donated money doesn’t get anything in return.)

Once you’ve decided what you want, please email Fisherpon at aaron_siebenga@hotmail.com with the information. Which artist you want to commission from, what you want to commission, and necessary references. That will start the process of this drive, which is explained in a seperate post to keep this post from being super-long.

If you want to ask questions regarding the drive, feel free to send me messages about it. You can also send your Skype address via this method if you want, which will be answered privately. All publicly answered questions about the drive will be tagged #teej drive.

As you may notice, this drive has no specific end date. This drive will go on as long as there are artists willing to donate their work for it. Hence, you should get your commission as soon as possible, in case the artist you want it from drops out before you go for it. 

If you are an artist and want to participate, everyone and anyone’s welcome to join! Just use the same contact methods as above to get ahold of me and let me know. I’ll need the name you want to be identified as, any drawblogs/tumblrs/DAs/FAs you have, the types of things you want to offer, the prices you want to offer those things at, and examples.

Hopefully our help can alleviate the pressure TJ’s under, so that he can enjoy life more and we can continue to enjoy his friendship and work.


(( I’m participating in this as well!! ))


(full res)
(full res)
(New icon for October!)

(New icon for October!)

How could you have guessed???

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You won’t want to see me when I’m being the other 15 percent


You won’t want to see me when I’m being the other 15 percent



”.. Five hat sizes..?”

Filly Update 2/5

Featuring Cottonfluff as a guest update..~! > u<
(Check out her blog if you have the time, it’s adorable..~)

(( Check out what I did for asksugarcloud!! Also, if you don’t follow her already, go check out her blog~!  o vo ))